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Hitchhikers Guide

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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Project Owner Paul Mullin
Art / Design By Anna Mullin

Based on the first book (not the movie)

Serial Lighting Control

All the play field lights are Neo Pixels, or driven by WS2811 chips. The asynchronous protocol is better suited to the long wiring runs than clocked protocols like IIC or SPI.

Score Display

This shows the first live score display test. Thinking the blue 7-segment looks pretty cool. The display board is custom designed using WS2811 driver chips - the chip inside Neo Pixels. This allows the score displays to be daisy chained together significantly reducing the wiring.

Hitchhikers display test.jpg

Electronics Overview

We are using the BeagleBone Black single board computer to run just about the entire machine. The goal is to have the machine operate without a host PC.