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Toys are a playfield item, usually related to the theme of the machine, but are not standard playfield parts like ramps, pop bumpers, posts and flippers.

Types of Playfield Toys

Decorative Toys

Decorative toys are simply decoration and do not have a direct interaction with the pinball. Decorative toys may spin or illuminate during play.

Magnetic Toys

Magnetic Toys interact with the player generally after a ball is stopped. The most typical use of a magnetic toy is to temporarily remove a ball from the playfield for 'ball lock' purposes. Examples of this include the T-Rex Toy in Data East Jurassic Park (1993) and the "Thing" toy in Midway The Aadams Family (1992).

Bash Toys

Bash Toys are a playfield object designed to be struck with the pinball in a certain mode. In some games, such as the IRON MONGER bash toy in Stern Iron Man (1999) the bash toy is hidden until a mode is activated by the player. Other games make the bash toy visible, but inaccessible, to the player until a mode is triggered. An example of this is Stern Ghostbusters 2016 in which the Slimer toy is lowered into the field of play when the mode is activated. Still other games such as Stern The Walking Dead (2014) have the bash toy permanently in the playfield and change scoring and behavior based on the current mode.