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DMD Control

The P-ROC is capable of directly driving a Dot Matrix Display (DMD) through a 14-bit ribbon cable. Supported DMD features include:

  • Programmable resolution, including 128x32.
  • Up to 16 brightness levels (colors)
  • 48 kb frame buffer storage (3 full frames @ 128x32)
  • Frame events (for software synchronization)

Note: The P-ROC does not supply the electrical power for the DMD. The DMD must be powered by other circuits/supplies. If you're using the P-ROC to replace the CPU board in an existing machine, then all you need to do is hook up the 14-pin ribbon cable since the existing DMD gets its power from the existing machine's power supply. If you're building a new machine, you'll need to power the DMD from your power supply in addition to making the 14-pin ribbon connection to your P-ROC.