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JD rules


The JD rules describe the operation of custom JD game software that runs on a PC connected to a Judge Dredd pinball machine through a P-ROC board. The game software is free and open-source and can be found here. Running the software requires the installation of the libpinproc P-ROC interface library, the pypinproc python extension, and the pyprocgame pinball software framework. Refer to the P-ROC software page for more information about them.

JD was developed primarily by the following people:

  • Gerry Stellenberg - Rules/Gameplay
  • Adam Preble - Tools/Framework
  • Rob Keller - Sound/Music
  • Travis Highrise - Dots

Discussion forums for this and other P-ROC based projects can be found at http://www.pinballcontrollers.com/forum.

A list of music / sound effects / voice calls is here.

The media package contained all of the sound and video can be downloaded from here.

Chain Features

There are 9 chain features, corresponding to the 9 inserts in the center of the playfield. Each feature represents a mode. The left and right Fire buttons change the next mode, as do the slingshots. The upper right 'build chain feature' shot is active when not already in a mode or in multiball. Shooting that shot starts the next mode. A video intro provides directions before the ball is put back into play. The video can be cancelled with the flipper buttons.

Every time a mode is completed successfully, the player is a 10-second hurryup countdown begins, and the D drop target is lowered to expose the subway shot. Shooting into the subway before the timer expires presents the player with a Pick-A-Prize selection. Two awards are presented, and the player can select one using the flipper button corresponding to the desired choice. If the hurryup is collected during multiball, both prizes are awarded immediately.

Pick-A-Prize awards:

  • 100,000 points
  • Advance Crimescenes

The modes are timed. Hitting the Mystery target when lit while in a mode extends the mode timer. Hitting the Mystery target when lit during the hurry-up countdown extends the hurry-up timer.


Left and Right ramps are lit with Pursuit flashers flashing.


GI turns off. Left center ramp is lit with Blackout flasher flashing. If ramp is hit once, it re-lights for a double award (2x Blackout flasher also flashes). The double award is required for mode completion.


Random shot lights. Shoot the shoot to locate the 'bad guy' sniper. Then shoot the upper right VUK to position the 'good guy' sniper. Then shoot the random shot again to kill the 'bad guy' sniper.

Battle Tank

3 shots:

  • Left outer loop
  • Center target bank
  • Left center ramp

Bad Impersonator

Rotating Judge targets


Captured Balls - requires 3 switches to be hit (all at once or with multiple shots)


Shoot the subway 3 times

Manhunt Millions

Left ramp is lit. Shoot it 3 times


Right ramp is light. Shoot it 3 times


There are 16 levels of crimescenes. Each level corresponds to a 'block' of crimes. At each level, one or more of the crimescene inserts scattered around the playfield is lit as determined by user configurable difficulty settings. Shooting the 3 target bank in the center of the playfield 3 times during a single crimescene level also advances the level. Each shot to an active crimescene target awards 1000 points, and each time a level is a completed 10,000 points are awarded. An extra ball is lit after completing 3 levels. Completing all 16 levels is required before Ultimate Challenge can be lit. The crimescene levels restart at 1 after Ultimate Challenge is attempted.

Each completed crimescene level contributes 2000 points into the bonus. This bonus contribution is not reset between balls.

Difficulty settings determine how many and which crimescene targets are set at each level.

The 16 crimescene levels are tracked in groups of 4. The 4 crimescene inserts in the front-center of the playfield indicate which group is active. Within each group of 4, the specific level number is indicated by the color of the crimescene shot inserts:

Group Insert Color Level
Warning White 1
Warning Red 2
Warning Yellow 3
Warning Green 4
Misdemeanor White 5
Misdemeanor Red 6
Misdemeanor Yellow 7
Misdemeanor Green 8
Felony White 9
Felony Red 10
Felony Yellow 11
Felony Green 12
Class X Felony White 13
Class X Felony Red 14
Class X Felony Yellow 15
Class X Felony Green 16

Block War MB

After every 4th level of crimescenes is completed, a 2-ball Block War multiball begins. This progressive multiball mode starts with the White crimescene insert lamps lit. When all 5 crimescene shots are completed, a rotating jackpot shot is lit. If the jackpot shot is lit, the crimescene shots light again with two color lamps lit, White and Red. The 3rd time, 3 color lamps are lit, and all 4 color lamps are lit the 4th time and any subsequent time.

Deadworld Multiball

Locks are lit by completing all of the JUDGE drop targets. Each time the targets are completed, another lock is lit. (after the first multiball, it becomes increasingly difficult to light lock.) When lock is lit, shots to the left ramp are diverted into the Deadworld and locked. 3 lock shots are required to start multiball, which starts with 3 balls. An additional ball can be added with a shot to the Mystery target, when it is lit.

How to light jackpot: TBD Shoot the subway to collect jackpot

Note - Deadworld MB can be started while a Chain Feature mode is active. When that happens, both the Chain Feature mode and MB continue simultaneously.

Missile Launch Award

Missile launch is fed via the center ramp. When missile launch is lit and the ball is in the left shooter lane, the DMD scrolls through a set of award. When the left shooter button is pressed, the active award is awarded. Missile launch is lit when the ball enters the left shooter lane if Deadworld Multiball is not active. When lit, the Air Raid lamp flashes in front of the center ramp.

Awards include:

  • Light extra ball
  • Advance crime scene level
  • 30,000 Points
  • Increase bonus multiplier
  • Hold bonus multiplier
  • Video mode

After light extra ball is collected, it is replaced with 10,000 points. After hold bonus multiplier is collected, it is replaced with 50,000 points. The other awards can be collected more than once.

If Missile Launch is activated during a mode, the mode timer is paused until the award is collected.

Video Mode

Video Mode is activated from a Missile Launch Award, which can only happen when a single ball is in play. When video mode is awarded, the ball stays in the left shooter lane while the player plays through the mode on the DMD using the flipper/fire buttons.

The mode is a shooting gallery. There are 12 targets, including 6 friends and 6 enemies:


  • Anderson
  • Hershey
  • Tweak
  • Walter
  • Johnny Alpha
  • Vienna


  • Pa Angel
  • Mean Machine Angel
  • Judge Cal
  • Satanus
  • Rico
  • Child Mutant

At speeds that increase as the mode goes on, targets are randomly displayed on the screen. The objective is to shoot enemies and not shoot friends. The flipper buttons are used to move a scope target to the desired location, and either fire button will shoot the targeted location. If a friend is shot, the mode immediately ends in failure. Otherwise the mode ends after a certain amount of time (30 seconds)? If all enemies are shot, the player is awarded an extra ball.

After Video Mode ends, the ball is automatically launched back into play.

Miscellaneous Features

Consecutive shots to the right loop from the upper left flipper are counted and awarded progressively higher points per shot. The player to achieve the most consecutive shots is the 'Outer Loop Champion'. X consecutive shots lights extra ball. X is a user configurable setting.

Consecutive shots to the inner left loop from the upper right flipper are counted and awarded progressively higher points per shot. The player to achieve the most consecutive shots is the 'Inner Loop Champion'. Y consecutive shots lights extra ball. Y is a user configurable setting.

Full shots to the captive balls, resulting in the 3rd switch being hit, light the Mystery shot and increase the Bonus multiplier by 1X.

Skill shot - Shoot the right loop from the upper flipper. Continue loop to receive increasing point awards.

Ultimate Challenge

Ultimate Challenge is a multi-stage wizard mode representing final battles with each of the Dark Judges. Ultimate Challenge is lit when the following requirements are met:

  • All 9 Chain Feature modes attempted (completion not required)
  • All 16 Crimescene levels completed
  • At least one Deadworld Multiball jackpot collected

Once Ultimate Challenge is lit, a shot to the upper right 'build chain feature' shot initiates it. The player is presented with an Ultimate Challenge introduction with instructions before Level 1 begins. Each time a level is successfully completed, the machine goes dead, allowing all of the balls to drain. Then the player is presented with an intro and instructions for the next level before any balls are re-launched and put back into play. If all balls drain before the player completes a level, the player's ball ends and Ultimate Challenge is aborted. Re-lighting Ultimate Challenge requires the player to complete the 3 major requirements again. Subsequent Ultimate Challenge attempts begin at the first level not yet completed by the player. In other words, previously completed levels do not need to be completed again.

Level 1: Fire

All 5 crimescene shots are lit, representing fires that Judge Dredd needs to extinguish. This level begins with a 4-ball multiball and no ball save. It is completed successfully when the last fire is extinguished.

Level 2: Mortis

This level begins with a 2-ball multiball and has 5 shots that each need to be hit twice. The shots are: Mystery, Left Loop, Upper Right VUK, Right Ramp, and the 3rd Captive Ball. Each shot's insert lamps blink slowly to indicate 2 shots are required, blink quickly to indicate 1 shot is required, and are turned off when the shot is complete.

Level 3: Fear

Fear uses timed shots to force the player to be accurate. The begins with only 1 ball in play, and each of the following shots must be hit, in order, before a shot timer (20 seconds) expires: Left Ramp, Right Ramp, Left Ramp, Right Ramp, D drop tarter, Subway. If the timer expires before a shot is hit, the game goes dead forcing the balls to drain and ending the player's turn.

Level 4: Death

Judge Dredd's final challenge is a single ball mode requiring all 5 of the crimescene shots to be cleared. The player has 3 minutes to clear all 5 shots. Every few seconds, a previously cleared shot is relit. If the 3 minute timer expires, the game goes dead forcing the balls to drain and ending the player's turn.

Final Level: The Long Walk

The Long Walk begins with a video clip showing the Dark Judges taking their walk of shame now that they've been defeated and banished. This is followed by all 6 balls being launched into player for a 6-ball Long Walk Multiball. During this multiball, all switches award points (values TBD). This mode (and subsequently the entire Ultimate Challenge) ends when there is only 1 ball remaining in play. The game then begins anew.


Pressing the SuperGame button to start a game instead of the regular Start button initiates an Ultimate Challenge only game. Each ball begins with Ultimate Challenge lit. Shooting the upper right VUK starts Ultimate Challenge at whichever level has not yet been completed by the player during the game in progress.

High Scores

The following high scores are tracked:

  • 5 highest regular game scores
  • 5 highest supergame scores
  • Last player to achieve The Long Walk in regular game
  • Last player to achieve The Long Walk in supergame
  • Max inner loop combos (upper right flipper loops)
  • Max outer loop combos (upper left flipper loops)
  • Max number of crimescene levels completed