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P-ROC functionality

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A P-ROC combined with a PC or embedded microcontroller provides functionality equivalent to a CPU board in a pinball machine. Software runs on the PC or microcontroller and communicates with the pinball machine's features through the P-ROC via USB.

The P-ROC is essentially an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) surrounded by some support logic and a bunch of connectors. The FPGA contains custom logic enabling it to perform tasks including:

Note that the P-ROC does not handle audio. Instead audio is typically processed by the computer or microcontroller which is running the game software connected to the P-ROC.

The support logic and connectors enable the P-ROC to be used as a controller in custom homebrew pinball machines or as a CPU board replacement in the following generations of machines:

  • WPC
  • WPC-95
  • Stern Whitestar
  • Stern S.A.M.