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Sound assignments

With any pinball machine, quite a few sounds(or voice callouts, or combinations of both) can be applied to various events. Here's just a list. Note that you are not limited to just one sound per event. To add variety to your pin, you could have even just different takes on the same callouts & randomly play one on invocation. For example, on a Sesame Street-themed pinball, you could have a callout of Bert saying "Get the extra ball!" as well as Ernie saying the same thing.

Scoring mechanisms

Standup target (each unique)

spinner target - make it brief


Reverse orbit

ramp shot -

failed ramp shot - if only 1 switch is hit

inlane (each unique or shared)

outlane - negative sound

pop bumper - numerous sounds

kicker cup capture

kicker cup release

slingshot - unique left/right

ball launch - invoked when ball shooter lane switch is released. Example: Fun House


mode begin

mode end

seconds ticker - for timed modes

target switch - example: ding sound for switching skill shot targets in Terminator 2


credit add - partial - example "More please!" Star Trek: The Next Generation

credit add - complete

game start

hit start button w/ insufficient credits


ball start



extra ball lit

extra ball

shoot again

determine replay

replay achieved

high score achieved -

"add x credits" - credit awarded(for high score achievement)