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Hi, I'm S1500, and I like to help out wikis.

I did a significant amount of wiki page creation/editing on pinballcontrollers.com's wiki ,and much of that content will be copied here, but with pseudocode.

To-do list for myself(or anyone, I guess):

  • Fancy animation for completing bonus lanes - (light/sound + diable on/off but score points briefly)
  • Team scores for 4 player games(add left + add right)
  • ask if anyone's got a modern Stern machine, or check the owner's manual
  • fold-down backbox versus old-fashioned lift-off
  • kickstands for playfields
  • lifting up pf on butt(modern machines) versus tilt back/lay against backbox(older machines)
  • unique guide for kickback left outlanes(differs slightly)
  • fold-down backboxes
  • upright bolt for backboxes
  • rubber feet on back of cab
  • rubber feet on front of backbox(for fold-down)
  • GI light for backbox "book" panel (see Vector)
  • Talk about pf rotisseries (buy, make, borrow)

I do a lot of doodling on my spare time, so why not take a look at my my pinball sketchbook